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What kind of food can I expect to find?

We carefully handpick a selection of food stall to ensure a variety of tastes are covered. From the UK to Greece, from Italy to Thailand. You can expect exotic, traditional, and far flung flavours.


Young Persons Ticket Access

Please be aware that due to our licencing conditions (updated in 2020), persons under 18 years old are not allowed access to the festival unless accompanied by an over 21 ticket holder.

In order to enforce this, we have only made it possible to purchase a young person’s ticket (13 to 17 years old) in conjunction with an adult ticket. In order to add an individual young person’s ticket to an existing order, please message us through the contact form on the website where we can process this on a one to one basis.

Lost ticket?

If you lose your ticket please search your email for this email address:

You can also just take suitable ID to the box office and they will find you on our system. You can also have the tickets resent to your email address by heading to Ticket Tailor scroll to the very bottom of the page and find the ‘need help or lost your ticket’ option on the white bar and choose click here (this is next to the privacy policy link) and follow the instructions. The tickets will be sent immediately to your email address.

General enquiry?

People are free to come and go from the festival from Friday, providing wristbands are worn at all times.

Youths, aged 13-17 years old, must be accompanied by and adult over the age of 21 throughout the weekend. Any youths found without an appropriate aged adult will be escorted from the venue, and their tickets will not be refunded.

No fires or BBQs are allowed in the campsite. Gas stoves are allowed.

No alcohol or food can be brought into the main festival site, you can of course bring some for personal consumption into the camping areas. There is no glass allowed at all.

Camping is only available as a weekend option.  Our super early bird tickets allow you to camp for the full four days, these ticket are no longer available to purchase. If you have a 3 day weekend camping ticket, this allows you to camp Friday-Sunday. If you wish to also camp on Thursday, you must purchase the Thursday upgrade ticket. 3 day weekend non-camping ticket holders can access the site from Friday-Sunday, and must vacate the site when the festival closes each evening. If you have a 2 day weekend non-camping ticket, you cannot upgrade to Thursday.  Individual day ticket holders, (e.g. Friday, Saturday or Sunday) have access to the festival site on the specified day only, and cannot camp overnight and must vacate the site when the festival closes each night. You cannot purchase Thursday as a standalone day festival entry ticket. To upgrade to a camping ticket, you can purchase the camping upgrade on our ticket page or you can pay the difference in price on arrival at the box office. Ticket prices are cheaper if bought online in advance.

No dogs or other pets allowed at the festival. They cannot be in the camping area, or left within vehicles or campervans and motorhomes.

There are no charging points within the festival, so please bring a power bank to charge your mobile phones.

If you require a carers ticket, please contact the team via

There are a number of food traders within the festival site who cater for different dietary requirements. There is also food available to buy at the campsite.

There are fresh drinking water points, showers and toilets in the main camping area. There are further water points situated in the main festival arena. Stay hydrated people!

Tickets are non-refundable. Booking fees are non-refundable under any circumstances as they pay for credit card processing fees, ticket agent fees and admin fees that come with processing of the tickets. You are also more than welcome to sell your tickets on, just let us know the new ticket holders information by using our contact form, so we can change the details before 15th May 2022. After this date we cannot process any changes. We cannot split tickets either, so please ensure your tickets are absolutely correct when you buy them. Many thanks

Can I bring my dog, pets or animal?

We are afraid not unless of course, you have a guide dog. Dogs or any other animal are not permitted to be left in vehicles, campervans, motorhomes, caravans or tents.

Can I bring my own food, drink and alcohol?

You are more than welcome to bring a selection of food and drinks into the camping areas to enjoy throughout the weekend. Food and drinks are not to be brought into the main festival arena, bag searches do happen at the security points and any items found will be confiscated and disposed of.  We have a huge selection of food and drinks within the main festival site to choose from, with dietary requirements covered by most.

Bringing alcohol into the festival area is strictly prohibited, however, a small amount for personal consumption is allowed within the campsite. Up to one crate of beer or one bottle of spirits, or two bottles of wine per person per weekend camping ticket. Sadly, glass is not allowed anywhere in the festival site, so please decant into alternative carriers.

Our security team will be checking for glass containers and will confiscate any alcohol that is deemed to be more than for personal consumption.

Fresh drinking water points are located in the main camping areas, remember to stay hydrated!

What is the security situation?

There will be a vigilant security team operating within the festival, searching bags, checking vehicles and monitoring the site with CCTV. There is zero tolerance for antisocial behaviour and the use of any illegal substances.  If you see or hear anything, please let the nearest security person know about it. No glass is allowed on site, anywhere and will be confiscated if found. Knives, including Swiss Army type knives are not allowed in the festival site.  A robust fencing and security entrance system will be in operation.

How do tickets work?

When you buy your ticket online, your ticket will be emailed to the email address you provided, please ensure you enter the correct email address. Simply print this out or show your tickets on your phone and bring it with you to the entrance of the festival with valid ID, where it will be exchanged for a wristband(s) that allows access to the festival. You can also show the tickets on your phone so you don’t have to print anything.

Wristband collection will be available for the entire duration of the event until 10pm each evening. If you have bought a ticket with your credit card details and have given it to someone else, simply drop us an email to let us know their name before May 15th 2022 and we will make sure that person can gain access. Requests after this date cannot be actioned.

If there are multiple people booked under one ticket order that are arriving at different times, just print the same ticket off for the individuals or have pictures of the ticket codes and our box office staff will check people in separately from the same order. This will work the same if you just show your tickets on your phone.

If you wish to camp you must purchase a weekend camping ticket. Our super early bird camping tickets  allow you to camp for the whole four days, and these tickets sold out. If you have a 3 day weekend camping ticket and you wish to come on Thursday, you must also purchase a Thursday upgrade ticket.  Weekend day ticket holders do not have a camping option and are only able to attend the event for three days. If you have individual day tickets e.g. you can enter the festival for that day only, and you cannot camp. Thursday tickets are not a standalone ticket, you cannot attend for Thursday only. Thursday tickets are an upgrade ticket for people with 3 day weekend camping tickets only.

If you wish to bring your motorhome, campervan, caravan or trailer tent, you must also purchase the relevant campervan/ motorhome or caravan ticket option alongside your weekend camping tickets. Each person staying in the campervan / motorhome or caravan requires a weekend camping ticket each.

Any vehicle being slept in overnight will also need a valid campervan or motorhome pitch (depending on the size of vehicle), which must have been purchased on this website. All occupants of the vehicle must also have weekend camping tickets. Camping tickets are for the whole weekend. Camping tickets are not available on a per night basis for day ticket holders.

Youth tickets can only be purchased by adults aged 21 and over. There is a adult & youth ticket option so you are able to purchase this ticket type.

Unfortunately ALL tickets are non-refundable, under any circumstances. You are more than welcome to try and sell these tickets on however you choose, please just let us know the full details of the new ticket holder and we will transfer the tickets to them and email new tickets to the new owners. Please note we cannot split tickets, and require information for changing ticket names before midnight on May 15th 2022, after this time we cannot action any changes. Use the contact form on our website and use the ticket option from the drop down menu to let us know. Full terms and conditions can be found here

What time does the festival open?

Everyone who is camping at the festival for the weekend with four day camping tickets, or three day camping tickets with the Thursday upgrade can arrive from 10:00 on Thursday 2nd June 2022 to pitch tents. This is an extremely popular time for people to arrive and can result in long queues. We would advise arriving later if possible so you have the best possible experience. If you have three day camping tickets or weekend non-camping tickets, you can arrive from 10am on Friday 3rd June 2022.

All day ticket holders can arrive and collect their tickets from the box office from 10.00 on Friday,  Saturday and Sunday up until 10pm each evening.

The festival site opens at 4pm Thursday 2nd June and runs through to 02:00. Gates open again at 10:00 on Friday, Saturday and close at 02:00. On Sunday gates open at 10:00 and close at 23:00.

We ask all weekend campers to vacate the campgrounds by midday on Monday taking all of your belongings with you, please do not just leave your tents or any other items. Please ensure all rubbish is taken to the correct refuse points (all recycling goes into general rubbish to be sorted by our partners) and leave Scorrier House as tidy as you found it 🌱

Can I get a refund?

Unfortunately ALL tickets and booking fees are non-refundable, under any circumstances. You are free to sell your tickets on, but you need to let us know the full details of the new ticket holder so that we can make changes to our records before May, 15th 2022, after this time changes will not be made. Please use the contact page and quote your booking reference. Full terms and conditions can be found here