We accommodate customers with disabilities / accessibility needs wherever possible. As much as we’d like to, we can’t control the weather, so bear in mind that should it rain, the festival may be muddy and there isn’t solid pathways.

Accessibility Information

The application form for personal assistance ticket 

Here at The Great Estate Festival we wish that everyone has the most rambunctious time and that it’s accessible to all. This is why we require you to apply for the facilities you require.

We take pride in what we have achieved so far and are looking for ways to constantly improve and adapt the accessibility at our festivals.

Please find all access information on this downloadable PDF.

We are always happy to hear your feedback so please don’t hesitate to contact us should you feel there is something we are missing.

In order to be eligible for a complimentary PA ticket you must have already purchased all other tickets for your party and supply ONE of the following pieces of evidence with your application:

DLA (Care and / or mobility)

PIP (Personal Independence Payment)

A Medical Professionals letter (to be reviewed case by case)

Armed Forces Independence Payment

War Disablement Pension

D/deaf or blind registration

The Nimbus Access Card

Blue Badge – Permitted for parking only requests

Please note that we do not require information such as amount of benefit and details of your health conditions – you can black these out. Quick Panda Productions will not use your information for third party use.

Applications for 2024 are open now: https://forms.gle/uLP2GFkdTFYRHRjs7

Please note this application form will require a Google account to upload your paperwork for your application (if you do not have one already, these are free and take less than 5 mins to create, full details of how to do this is here)

Contact us

Although the website and PDF does contain a lot of information, we do understand that some customers will need to contact us directly about accessibility. In this instance, please use our contact form and choose General & Tickets from the dropdown list.

Access Team Email: dale@quickpandaproductions.co.uk


The festival is located on the grounds of Scorrier House, spanning over level ground with some small, sloping hills down to the festival site. We offer designated access routes from the accessible camping to the main arena avoiding longer distance walks or queues. You will find wheelchair accessible toilets at all festivals next to the standard toilet locations. All our festivals offer plenty of space getting around the site to avoid crowding, with plenty of space to sit, relax and soak up the atmosphere whatever your ability.

Contact us

Although the website does contain a lot of information, we do understand that some customers will need to contact us directly about accessibility.

Access Team Email: dale@quickpandaproductions.co.uk