This is going to be a special year!

Our festival is bursting at the seams with live music, quality entertainment and lots of things to do, there’s always room for a little bit extra. These special events will be perfect for those looking for a more indulgent, luxurious experience and that extra little bit of fun.

Please note, some of these special events will need to be booked as an extra and in conjunction with a festival ticket.

Captain Inkus Tattoo Parlour
Darryl Collins
Delicious Demos – Darryl Collins
Delicious Demos – Wild Wine Woman
Jeast Cuts
Lords of lightning
Lords of Lightning
Francis Michael Eliot
Talks at Teatime – Francis Eliot
The Grand Cinematic Experience
Titan the Robot
Titan the Robot
victorian sports day
Victorian Sports Day
Woodfired Canteen