This is going to be a special year!

Our festival is bursting at the seams with live music, quality entertainment and lots of things to do, there’s always room for a little bit extra. These special events will be perfect for those looking for a more indulgent, luxurious experience and that extra little bit of fun. Check out all the happenings we had in 2023! Our 2024 happenings are yet to be released, but, we promise you they will be bigger and better than ever before!

Please note, some of these special events will need to be booked as an extra and in conjunction with a festival ticket.

Captain Inkus Tattoo Parlour
Cornwall Shop Small Market & Workshops
Festival Feasts
Great Estate Safari Walkabouts & Workshops
Hip Hop Karaoke
Junior Jungle
Madame Wong’s Drag Race
Morvleydh, The Sea Wolves
Swamp Circus Workshops
The Great Estate Comedy Hour
The Great Lantern Parade
The Greatest Skate
The korev area at the great estate festival
The Korev Experience
The Octopus Garden Chill Out Area
The Sanctuary
The Zen Den
Children taking part at The Great Estate
Under The Canopy Cornwall
victorian sports day
Victorian Sports day