Children taking part at The Great Estate

Drop off your young adventurers to our safe and secure wooded on-site area run by a handpicked team of adventure specialists.

An outdoor forest school like no other in an explosive and wondrous session. They teach the youngsters, with full participation, a range of skills and tasks with minimal sitting still, whilst you get to explore the festival. Bushcraft, survival, obstacle crossing and combat with a focus on fun and controlled risks will leave participants exhilarated, muddy and with real new skills on board.

Sessions are designed and ran for all abilities, mini ninjas to nervous newbies, those that happily climb and build, scramble and crawl alongside the ones that are more used to virtual outdoors, low pupil to instructor ratio means we can encourage and tailor the session to achieve personal triumphs giving extra support to those that need it and push the limits of those that are super comfortable.

Run by the much-lauded ‘Under the Canopy’ outdoor adventure centre, they offered a range of newly designed exciting sessions for The Great Estate 2022, which you can read about below. – We will update for 2023 when they are ready to book again!

Ignition – What I desire is man’s red fire and that’s what’s bothering me… Learn arguably the most important primal skill we need. Were talking a BIG step away from forest school, lighting the log burner or BBQ. Learn to make, respect and control a potent force. Think more actual flints, Viking style, homemade violent fire causing reactions, friction fires, urban survival, chemical fires, electrical fire, source, start and maintain the fire, gaze in awe at the towering inferno you’ve created, but remember, time and tide wait for no man…. if your finished in time you can cook on it.

Escape & Evasion; Camouflage and concealment, the ghost walk, stalk your prey, try to outwit the hunters… A fabulous, always popular session, where our military boys get all excited and love a challenge, This years sessions are going to be epic with some new kit and surprises! Can you beat the UTCC commando crew?

Commando Combat Club; Whaat!!?? Combat!!!?? That’s right combat! Get the blood moving, throw some rounds down the range, embrace your inner Robin Hood, try to hit moving targets with pump action paint and hurl our throwing axes! life is a calculated risk embrace it!

The Ultimate Challenge; Think you’re up for the ultimate challenge? Run, jump, swing, scramble and battle your way through our ultimate challenge, a mixture of brawn and brains should see you through… Can you become our ultimate king or queen of the jungle?

The Night Time Sessions;  Drop your kids off with us at the woods for a wondrous, exciting and magical session making our own lanterns, dancing round the roaring fire, burning arrows, and torches, exploring the creatures of the night, making then burning guys, and building basha’s and improvised hammocks!! So much more, so much to do, so much fun!


Demon Drome – Wall of Death
Festival Feasts
Junior Jungle
The Octopus Garden Chill Out Area