Set off on adventure with a safari workshop

Come join us as we journey around the vast plains of the Great Estate, observing and hunting down party animals! Find us partaking in a game of croquet or enjoying a refreshing cup of G&T as we picnic in the sun.

From the safari base camp, Jen and her team will run free children’s workshops. Drop-in anytime to discover a world of illusion, combining science and the arts.

  • Make a kaleidoscope Dazzle your eyes – make and decorate a magical kaleidoscope from recycled objects.
  • Make a thaumatrope. Find out about thaumotropes and how the Victorian’s developed this optical toy into early animations.
  • Camera obscura. See the world from inside our ‘giant eye’ camera obscuras and we will explain how the eye works.
  • Kids trails: Intrepid young explorers can pick up a trail and set off on their own safari around the festival site. Hunt down all the clues and receive a special reward at the end. will be designing the trail.


Demon Drome – Wall of Death
Festival Feasts
Junior Jungle
The Octopus Garden Chill Out Area