Pulp Friction, the world's best live tribute to Quentin Tarantino's infamous movie soundtracks. .

Pulp Friction is the Worlds best Quentin Tarantino live tribute band.

Pulp Friction bring a unique cocktail of singing, dancing & theatrical performance using the effortless stylised themes from the legendary films of Quentin Tarantino.

From classic soul/funk/blues and country to blatant B-movie & niche soundtracks, Pulp Friction will give you a gun shooting, samurai sword swinging, 5 dollars shake drinking, royale with cheese of a night..
So now we have your attention!!

Come and have a Pulp Fiction dance-off with Mia, a Kill Bill sword fight with Elle or get a Deathproof inspired lap dance from Butterfly.

All the songs. All the scenes. All the characters.

All live on stage baby.
There’s just one thing left, to be cool.

Are you cool???

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The Darkness