How we are trying to decrease the environmental impact of our event

WASTE – We work closely with a company called CTC who offer a zero to landfill approach to waste. This means all rubbish that is collected from The Great Estate over the weekend is sorted and recycled or reused by CTC and a number of their projects.

PLASTIC – You may also have one of our branded stack cups. Festivals, and other large events, have used a lot of plastic or paper cups that can be recycled but create a lot of waste, so we decided that this wasn’t good enough, we needed to provide something that was reusable – this is when we started to invest in stack cups. They are stackable, and reusable throughout the whole weekend, and then at home afterwards. You get to keep a part of the festival with you forever!

CARS – We have always had a parking charge to encourage people to car share wherever possible, and this has worked well over the last five years, but for 2023 to reduce our carbon footprint of the event even further, we have introduced a single entry parking charge. The parking ticket allows access to the car park once for the duration of the event, if people choose to leave site and return, they will be charged a re-entry fee of £10. This is not only to help reduce our carbon footprint, but to also protect festival roadways and reduce the amount of external traffic around the festival site

CAR SHARING – The Pasty Connection is a car sharing app designed to reduce the number of cars on the road, and encourage car sharing when possible. This is a greener way to travel around the UK from Cornwall, and also to our festival site.