Strap in for an exciting voyage as we travel back (and forward!) to the golden age of synthesizers with unforgettable sounds and interactive hands-on fun.

Hosted by Jason Bradbury, the effervescent face of The Gadget Show and self-confessed 80s super fan. Discover the iconic synthesizers, ground-breaking artists, and revolutionary sounds that defined the 80s and why they continue to be key to the sound of modern music. As a special treat, the session will also feature a live hands-on music demonstration, giving audience members the unique opportunity to experience the magic of synthesizers first-hand. Strap in for a truly entertaining and exciting session of unforgettable sounds and interactive surprises.

Jason Bradbury – The GRand Hall – Saturday, 3rd June at 1pm.

About Jason Bradbury

Jason is best known for his work on Channel 5’s iconic technology review show, The Gadget Show but long before that – in a decade far far away – he was tinkering with synthesizers in his bedroom. Over the years Jason has owned most of the synths that defined the distinctive sound landscape of the 80s and 90s and now he creates regular retro tunes for his online Twitch show 80s Electro Breakdance Party. For his visit to the festival he has promised to bring one of his prized keyboards and an interactive playlist that he promises will be as cool as a ride in a time travelling DeLorean.


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