Friday 27th August - Madame Wong's House of Wrong - 18:15:00 to 19:00:00

"An acoustic wonder, what rock might be if created in Cambridge rather than Chicago" fROOTS

The band started life as The Sam Brookes Quartet, a folksy quartet with only 3 members! This apparently allowed for the impromptu invitation of an audience member to complete the line up much to the enjoyment of the crowd. We were always a little odd, we’d use an ironing board as a keyboard stand and a Henry hoover as a mic stand! We’d create drums with our feet and were passionately ramshackle! After the emergence of Sam Brookes, a solo folk singer who landed a record deal, we conceded our name. The Odd Folk seemed to fit a little better. After all “with a reputation for disorganisation that proceeds them!” we were the subjects of the critically acclaimed documentary How Not to be in a Band which was shortlisted for The Guardian’s Random Acts series. Our second album, produced by folk award winner Andy Bell was selected in Bob Harris’ pick of 2016 and we were honoured to close The Great British Bake Off final the same year. 


barbarellas bang bang
Barbarella’s Bang Bang
eliza shaddad
Eliza Shaddad
face paint at The Great Estate Festival