She Robot, The Secret Gin Garden Friday 27th August 2021, The Great Estate Festival.

Edgy, raw, beatbox and bass driven sensual sounds, layered to perfection to create a mesmerising performance which is powerful yet ethereal.

Award winning loop artist Suzy Condrad effortlessly juggles instruments and genres with a dynamic and arresting one woman show. Dancehall, ska, doo wop, folk and electro collide with blistering beats and haunting, sublime vocal gymnastics to take you on an ever-looping journey which balances real-time loop juggling against timeless song writing.

Woman meets machine in a musical maelstrom that will make your head spin, your spirit lift and your feet move.


barbarellas bang bang
Barbarella’s Bang Bang
eliza shaddad
Eliza Shaddad
face paint at The Great Estate Festival