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Aerial Yoga

A combination of traditional yoga poses, Pilates and dance with the use of an aerial hammock,

Aerial Yoga is a way to tune in and feel present. It’s time to completely trust and let go. The flow of aerial yoga postures and sequenced movement can be extremely therapeutic and meditative. When encased in the silk hammock one can be in their own private studio. When using the silk hammock for extra support in traditional yoga poses, one can feel an heightened sense of nurturing and loving.  Sometimes our inner child gets lost in the demands of adulthood. Aerial Yoga, can bring the inner child alive. as it lifts yoga off the matt and into the air. It’s definitely all about how it FEELS, not about how it looks!”

What better place to try this new magical yoga practice than at The Great Estate festival!, Just look for the gorgeous hand made wooden Aerial yoga frames.

Only 5 places available per time slot!
Included in your aerial yoga lesson:

-1 hour Aerial Yoga tuition including 15 minute briefing

-All equipment included
-Experienced and qualified Aerial Yoga instructor
-A Safe and fun environment

Please note * This is a highly addictive yoga practice! feeling very ‘floaty’ and blissful after your first session is very common!*
Aerial Yoga is designed for all ages and abilities with a full range of body movement, welcoming ages 10 and upwards, (Kids groups under 10 years can be discussed with Nay) not suitable for those who have high blood pressure, recent severe muscular or bone injuries, or are prone to feeling dizzy or sick when upside down.

Places are £20 each and can be pre-booked in advance  Book Here
For any more info please see www.naysyoga.co.uk or Facebook nays yoga



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